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How To Repair a Damaged Skin Barrier

If you suffer from dry and irritated skin, itchiness or flakiness, you might have a damaged skin barrier. It impacts the ability of your skin to hold on moisture which allows irritants and harmful bacteria to penetrate the skin. Thankfully, it's preventable and treatable!

Benefits Of Vitamin E For Healthy Skin

Vitamin E occurs naturally in skin, but with time sun exposure damage, the skin’s vitamin E reserves decrease, reducing it’s ability to fight aging. Read along to find out why you should definitely include it in your skincare routine.

Finding Balance

Growing up we were taught to believe we can do anything. Somewhere along the way that got translated into feeling like we have to do everything. Everyone is talking about increasing productivity, optimising your life, better multitasking, leaving you feeling like you are not doing enough or never quite fully “optimised”.  But what does it actually means to be balanced?

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