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#GoodToGlow: Your guide to dewy skin


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History has seen its fair share of great debates. Disney vs Pixar, Kanye vs Taylor, were Rachel and Ross on a break… And the most enduring one in skincare? Water vs oil.

Like any good debate outcome, it turns out both have its benefits and work best together. And by best we mean to turn you into your most soft, hydrated, glowing self. In this historic debate, what actually matters are you and your needs.

First you need to know when your skin isn’t at it’s most hydrated. Have you ever felt that your skin looks like it’s begging you to quench its thirst? That’s what hydrators and moisturizers are for.

You might think this means your skin is dry, but dry and dehydrated are not the same things when it comes to your skin. If it is dehydrated (dull, itchy), it lacks water. If it’s dry (scaly, flaky, sensitive), it lacks oil.

Dry skin is a skin type, you were born with it. Dehydrated skin is a condition and it can happen to anybody, even those with oily skin.

Hydrating products (often lotions) introduce water into the skin through substances called humectants (such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid). Hydration makes your skin soft and supple but it won’t last long unless it’s sealed in the skin. That’s why humectants are often combined with emollients (skin softeners) to give you long term hydration.

Moisturizing products on the other hand seal said hydration into the skin and protect your lipid barrier. This will prevent any water loss and ensure that your skin remains soft and smooth. While hydrators draw water into the skin, moisturizers actually lock in that hydration to give you that dewy look. It’s important to remember that oils can seal in the moisture that is already on the skin but won’t introduce any water into the skin. That’s because oils function as an occlusive (💧🔐) and as an emollient but can’t act as humectants. If you wonder why we always remind you to use our nourishing body oils straight after stepping out of the shower, that’s why - so you can seal that gorgeous moisture you were just gifted.