How to Be On Your Own

Want it or not, some of us were forced to spend a whole lot of time on our own in the past few months. Some may have enjoyed it, while others deeply dreaded it. Or maybe enjoyed it for a minute and hated it a whole lot for the remaining duration of the lockdown.

As restrictions lifted, we are able again to meet with our loved ones and hang out with friends but this period carried important information about our ability to be on our own - an important tool to have in our toolbox, whether to brace for a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic or just in general life.

Time by yourself replenishes you. Learn to enjoy your own company and let go of embarrassment or shame about being on your own. Even if you’re an extrovert and prefer to be around people at all times, it’s important (perhaps even more)to know how to be by yourself.

Think about the reason why you don’t like solitude. Is it just FOMO? Or perhaps you’re worried your thoughts become too loud and overwhelming? Whatever it is, take a leap and ease into the discomfort. With time you’ll become familiar with it and it won’t seem so weird.

If you practice being on your own, you will learn to be ok with it and it will be a source of strength for the rest of your life. You can’t rely on someone else always being there to make you feel full. In the past 4 months you were forced to practice it, but that’s not the most efficient way, because of all the surrounding noise and anxiety around things that are happening. It’s important to learn how to enjoy the time.


  • If you have a night with nothing planned, try not to fill the space. Book the time out for you, alone.


  • Plan a delicious meal. Make something special that you wouldn’t usually cook just for yourself.


  • Try not to waste the time mindlessly scrolling through instagram (a massive FOMO trigger). Instead do something for yourself - read a book or a magazine you’ve been looking forward to, do an extended self-care routine, or create a mood board for the rest of the year.


  • Don’t do chores. Leave housework/admin/washing up/accounts/emails for another time. Time out from social life doesn’t have to be filled with impending errands you’ve been putting off forever. They can wait. Use this time to really enjoy your company. Quietly and mindfully.


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